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Making A Difference

We started producing hand sanitizer in response to the 2020 viral outbreak and to fill a need in the community.  As a Melrose Park, IL business, we are uniquely situated in one of the hot spots in Illinois for positive patients, surrounded by both elderly and lower income communities of color.  We began working with Chicago Social Change and SaveMoneySaveLife to produce and deliver hand sanitizer to underserved communities on the South and West Side of Chicago, as well as with Melrose Park and neighboring cities to provide much needed support.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the sanitizer liquid and what difference does that make? 

Our hand sanitizer is liquid due to its high alcohol content, which is more effective at killing germs. 

What containers will work best for the hand sanitizer?

We offer a couple different bulk options that can be fitted with a pump to distribute directly. The sanitizer can also be distributed from its current container into smaller bottles with a pump, but it also works great in spray bottles! 

How's the smell?

We know not everyone wants to smell like a distillery! That's why we filter and specially treat our sanitizer to smell as mild as possible. 

Can I pick it up?

Yes! We have curbside local pickup available.

Can I have a bottle of Skeptic Spirits shipped to me?

Unfortunately due to state and federal regulations we cannot ship our spirits. However, we do offer local pickup! Not a Chicagoan? Check out our retail and bar locations!

For more information on our company and our covid-19 efforts, visit: skepticdistillery.com

Highest ABV 45% for Spirits
Hand Sanitizer 80% Ethanol